7 Basic Points to Know About climbing sports

Sports activities, if turned into group activities, have a greater impact on mental health. One of the best exercises that can be found is mountaineering. It can be done either individually or in groups or even by family. For climbing in addition to the resolve, you need the tools that make it safer and easier for you. In this article, we will go to climbing and the necessary equipment for it.

7 Basic Points to Know About climbing sports

Why choose climbing sports?

Any exercise and physical activity can affect the secretion of happy hormones. Mountaineering is the same as other physical activities, with the difference that, as it happens in nature, it will be possible to secrete more hormonal hormones, because nature, unwittingly, improves people’s mental condition.

The second thing to add to the benefits of climbing is the pleasure of conquering and accomplishing. Research has shown that accomplishing goals creates a sense of happiness in individuals, so that this joy is like a reward for what has been accomplished. Feeling of conquering the summit or different stations gives the climber a good sense of reward.

The third positive rating also relates to when climbers cluster together and collectively engage in this activity. Those who are homogeneous in the community will experience more joy and relaxation, as well as feeling more attached.

Identify the most basic equipment

After you have made cloths, cloth bags and shoes, it is time to identify other travel equipment and climbing equipment. With a climbing rope you can get from the mall, along with a lighthouse, a flashlight, a radio, an additional battery, a power bank, a water tank, a tea flask, sunglasses, sunscreen, whistle, ID card, small food and High energy such as nuts and dates, fireworks such as lighters or matches, first-aid boxes, wallets, office and health care products, such as tissue paper, are among the things that can be done at a short hike. While using baton or baton, climbing will also act as a support and will help you during the journey.


Looking for more details

If your climbing is long, most of the above will be further detailed; for example, climbing cloths will include a variety of suits, from underwear to shoemakers, trousers, and polar jackets. In addition to clothes, cookware, such as cooker light, extra fuel, pan, pill or alcohol gel and chlorine pill will be required, and besides all this, you will need to make a mountaineering tent.

Shopping guide for mountaineering shoes

Perhaps the most important means to start climbing can be shoes. The long marches and the presence of rocks require a shoe that can take care of the legs well, we suggest you post the climbing shoes to the end hours of the day, with your foot in its largest state. In the cold season, wear thick socks. So, if your little one, for example half a size, is bigger than your foot, it will not make you a problem, and it will be a clever choice.


Select climbing cloths

Lightness and comfort make the first choice in choosing climbing clothes. If you are not a professional climber, you do not have to go to buy professional clothes. But choose according to the season. If you climb in the warm seasons of the year, the coolness of your clothes and the natural floral fabrication is important. The natural fiber provides the right skin sweat and keeps the body cool. In the cold seasons, the case is completely different. The use of warm jackets, windbreaks and special trousers with wool socks and warm hats will be good choices for keeping your body warm.


Which bag to choose?

After the shoes you will need two bags, one is a climbing backpack and the other is a lumbar bag. A climbing backpack is best to divide well into different parts of the waist and have a variety of compartments to put on the various items you need to bring. Usually there are a lot of climbing backpacks, so that they can fit into various climbers such as batons or batons. Columns can be provided in terms of volume and per liter unit.

After choosing a bag, it’s best to choose a lightweight and lightweight bag that is waterproof. This bag will be useful for putting the necessary accessories that should be the back of your hand. The phone, ID card, the required medication, a few dates and money can be placed inside this bag.


Birding with the family

If you want to create family-friendly experiences for yourself, put the climbing cluster on the corner of your apps. In these climbs, you need to bring the necessary and necessary belongings of each family member and, given the total capacity, choose a distance to go for a hike that is suitable for everyone. If someone has a particular problem, check before traveling and make sure they have a bird hike. Before you travel, be sure to check the weather, especially if you are going to bring the children together. Do not climb climbers in any weather, and even if the meteorology shows the weather is sunny, it’s still a must-have for family-friendly climbing, with warm clothes and all kinds of umbrellas for girls and boys to protect children. Pay attention to it.

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