Avoid betraying your spouse

10 Ways to Prevent Betrayal in Marriage

These days, in the media, we read news of the crime of treason. Can these ethical abnormalities be expanding in society and becoming a social phenomenon? Have the kinds of betrayals been investigated?

betraying your spouse

Avoid betraying your spouse, In response to you, we will examine several methods of betrayal and then how to deal with them. But first we say a little bit of statistics. The amount of divorce in the United States is about 50 percent in the first marriage, and if we consider the second and third marriages, then this figure is higher. The betrayal is not necessarily the cause of divorce in all of these cases, but the two are related. Treason is sometimes a reason for divorce, and in other cases, a sign of a relationship has been weakened.

1. Agree

Dr. Stan Tatkin, author of the book created for love, writes about the importance of explicit and clear agreement. “Everything assumed does not necessarily exist,” he says. “Agreements must be transparent, and the issues involved include how to deal with the advancements of others, what information is shared (attraction for others), and How fast you tell each other about your romantic experiences.

Since spouses may not have a consensus at the outset, they should talk to each other about treason. You may find one of the wives going out with your opposite partner and having dinner with him, but for the other, these behaviors are part of the red lines. Spouses can have very different ideas, and these ideas about treason can also be different.


2. Be a star

When our emotional and physical needs are best served, we are reluctant to search for them in other places. Check out the needs and desires of your spouse and your needs. Make sure you fix the bottlenecks and act honestly about what you need to feel happy and happy.


3. Pay special attention to your work

Do things that help both your own spouse and your spouse. We all change with age. So, the control of the relationship is not enough for a long time; so how do you want to change your spouses’ opinions, thoughts, beliefs and desires? Read together, take part in training seminars, or get an online marriage online tutorial to make your relationship progress and improve, as this will continuously improve your understanding of each other.


4. Understand your spouse

It looks simple, but not simple at all. Your wife has a variety of hidden thoughts and hidden feelings that they do not talk to you or anyone else. You should be so safe that you can fully penetrate these thoughts and feelings, but how? Promote honesty with kindness and no judgments.

Find things about your spouse who does not know anything about them. Use this information for each day to “get close” in your experiences with relationships, at work, and with yourself. Try to know something that even your mother and his closest friends do not know. Knowing this information will make you so valuable that few people can match you.


5. Do not be jealous, do better

If you suspect that the attention of your spouse has moved elsewhere, if you get angry and hate it, this will get deeper. Sensual jealousy is natural, but try to attract your spouse’s attention to your talents and abilities. Give your spouse something more than a reason to love and value. Unhappy with them, perhaps a little bit more frustrated and more cautious, but not a long-term strategy and sometimes even in the short run. You can not keep your spouse happy with your sense of trust, using threats and fears. The only positive reasons for being together is like a glue that will protect you from the arrival of someone else in the scene of your life.

6. Use periodic advice

Now we are in the 21st century. The taboo of meeting with advisers and psychologists has gone away for many years. Find a good and capable advisor and meet with them to exploit “positive and active” support in your relationship. To postpone this, it will be too late to fully implement these consultations.

We all have blind spots in dealing with others. Some of these blind spots come from our family history, such as things our parents did in their relationships with others, or more importantly, the things they did not do during these relationships. Our safety and health plan is often just as good as it’s been seen and experienced for the first time. Several counseling sessions can help to formulate a more comprehensive map of how to keep in touch with your spouse and share happier life together.


7- Prove your presence

You must be the one your spouse is referring to. If you meet his emotional, physical and spiritual needs well, your wife will never go to others; in other words, we all are looking to meet our needs, and if our spouse meets them, we will meet all the desires And we will only share our dreams with him.

These others are sometimes the basis for initiating an emotional bond that replaces our healthy relationship or energy from our marital relationship that needs to grow. Suppose you are a spouse like the person you want to do to work; do you have the superiority that you need to keep your spouse and not expel you? What do you do that others can not easily do it for you? You must be so good that no one can equal you. This is the most important secret that prevents separation and ending relationships, and is far more effective than fear and guilt.

8. Why not be betrayal?

We must be honest and loyal. There must be great and solid reasons to stay committed. What are these reasons? Think about the benefits of commitment. A wife who knows better than anyone else; whoever shares her memories and past lives; who can rely on him; who, when your beauty, youthfulness, health, and abilities He goes on to stay with you and will share his life with you; someone with whom you are old. All the wives must state the reasons for their obligation to stop the animal’s brain from running uncontrollably.


9. Limit opportunities

Infidelity and illicit relationships are an issue that is essentially related to our strength and satisfaction with our current relationships, so it is better to look at it before blaming the circumstances and individuals, but in the second place, opportunity is a blame for the contributor. Betrayed and illegitimate handicaps are an opportunity. Traveling with a colleague until late in partying without having a spouse, spending too much solitude, drinking alcohol and drugs, or having plenty of independent activities and relationships can create these opportunities, so what should be done? Pay special attention to these situations. Try to do things with your spouse so that others do not have the opportunity to attend. Stay connected together throughout the day. If one of you is late at night, send a text message to you.

Talk to your spouse during your travels and send romantic messages to your cellphone to feel connected and connected with you during the trip. If someone or someone has found much contact with your spouse, ask him to spend more time and energy for your relationship.


10. Think beyond the standards

Talk with your spouse about sex, your happiness and your intentions. Try the new fun together to keep things happy and exciting. Laugh together and be happy. Go to a sports and arts class. Choose the new TV shows that you have not watched together ever before. Ask your friends about traveling experiences and travel destinations that they enjoyed. Try some experiences that are a little difficult for you. Experience exciting new activities in the physical and emotional areas that will help your emotions and strengthen your transplantation.

The best guarantor of betrayal and illegitimate relationships is to make sure your relationship is far more secure than anyone entering it. Every day being attractive to your spouse is much more effective than fear, guilt, or threat to maintain your commitment to your relationship.

New and fresh keeping everything in your love and friendship will increasingly motivate the brain to keep an eye on your original relationship with you, and if you suspect that your wife is looking for a romantic relationship in Instead of blaming and threatening, you will have to be active and effective in the game. Sometimes the moments of interest in other people and experiences will tell you at which point you should turn your jet engines as a spouse. Stay up-to-date to upgrade and improve your relationships. Put your focus on making it stronger and not too worried about others and the outside world.

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