Best marriage age for girl and boy

Best marriage age for girl and boy • Calculate marriage age with a simple formula

Best marriage age for girl and boy

Marriage for a girl and a boy is an instinct. Every time, this instinct and social, social and social development awaken, and the girl and son will need to wake up within them; this is the time of the marriage of that person.

This requirement for marriage is mostly after the age of maturity of the daughter and son. But the time of the emergence of this need is different in people. If a young person reaches “physical maturity” and “rational maturity” is ready for marriage.

In believing and clever people, this mental and physical maturity is achieved sooner. So the marriage age is something relative that varies from one person to another.

We present here the circumstances in which a person is married, which must be in every girl and boy to have a successful marriage. It should also be said that setting age for marriage and a wrapper for all is a mistake because everyone in this age has these conditions.

Requirements for getting married:

1. Physical growth:

Girl and daughter should be physically mature. That is, the girl and the boy have the ability to have sex. Studies show that girls aged 13 to 14 often have sexual maturity, and all girls are mature by the age of 17.

And in boys, they all age sexual maturity between the ages of 14 and 17. The first condition for marriage is the same sexual maturity, which is generally found in girls at age 15 and boys at age 16. Sexual maturity is that the sex organs of the girl and the boy are to be prepared for marital affairs.

In other words, sexual maturity is the physiological and instinctive demands of an individual, and the marriage is an answer to the demands, and the distance between the two questions and the answer is more, the more mental complexes.

2. Intellectual Development:

Certainly, when a person does not find the intellectual development necessary to choose a spouse, he can not make a decision on his marriage, and may not have the power to discern expediency or corruption in marriage with the person concerned, mental development after evolving physical maturity goes. After the crisis of puberty, the individual knows his talents, abilities and environmental facilities and becomes more aware of his personality. As a result, his decisions come from reason rather than emotion.

3. Emotional growth:

The emotional and emotional development of the conditions for marriage has many benefits and benefits. One of the most important factors in the success of marital life is the ability to drive human beings, which is a factor in the attachment and harmony of humans and societies. A person with emotional growth is in control of his negative and positive emotions. He acts in an expression of anger and fear, crying, joy, affection, and so on, within the reach of the community, not as a child. Emotional growth is not like rational growth to the age of the calendar, but is learned from the amount of learning, individual experiences and, most importantly, the emotional interaction of the child with parents and other adults.

4. Social Development:

Social development has a close relationship with intellectual growth and emotional growth. Man has four social worlds: family, school, occupation and friends, whom one has to be socially evaluated. A person who has social development better understands social relationships (including the relationship between husband and wife), respects others, respects the rights of others, and carries out their roles, duties and responsibilities with respect to one another. Gives.

5. Ethical Growth:

Marital relations are the same as any other social connection between humans, taking into account the moral and spiritual values ​​of men and women, which leads to the prosperity and spirituality of their lives. Many matters of marital life can be solved within the framework of ethics and moral virtues, and as much as a husband and wife are enthusiastic about ethics and good behavior, such as honesty and passage, righteousness and sacrifice, and … their life will be more healthy and relaxed.

If the girl and boy had the same conditions, they could marry. Of course, regions, environments, communities, generations, races, tribes, families and individuals (individual differences) are not the same in this field, but they are different, for example, in the “tropical” territories, sexual maturity is coming soon. To the “cold” regions; and in open and crowded environments that are more cohesive than men, boys and girls, and in secluded and unrestricted environments where the issues of Muharram and nonhumans, hijab and chastity are less, sexual maturation is sooner Comes to a religious and clean environment with chastity and adherence to the Sharia law; and in non-homogeneous families without respect for sexuality and rehab Children are witnessing sexual (verbal and non-verbal) matters to their parents, sexual maturity is coming up rather than the families that follow these issues. The quantity and quality of food and food also affects the subject; those who eat more and more are more likely to have their sexual maturity.

What statistics and research show is that the best age for marriage is for boys 19 and for girls 16 years. Of course, this age is moderate. A boy or girl may have an earlier need for a spouse, which must be taken. In the issue of marriage, one should not pay more attention to economic matters and delay the marriage, which, if delayed, should be witness to corruption and prostitution in society.

Young will be satisfied by sexual and psychological stresses if she does not get married when she marries in an irregular way. Research shows that if young people are well trained, they will have a happy life after marriage, and that the children of those aged will be married more healthy and smarter, and will have a better relationship with their children in the future with a lower age. Had


Calculate marriage age with a simple formula
This formula is: m = the age of the son; w = the age of the girl

If you are a girl, set your age to W instead, and if you are a boy, put your age in place of M … the age to be obtained is the proper age of your spouse.

w = m / 2 +7 <—– 1

m = 2 * (w-7) <—– 2

According to this formula, the age suitable for the marriage of girls and boys is as follows:

Age of Son {20 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 40 46 52 60 66}

Age of the girl {17 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 27 30 33 37 40}

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