How to finish a relationship

How to finish a relationship • How to separate my boyfriend • How to separate my girlfriend • Getting away from boyfriend • Getting away from girlfriend • Disconnecting boyfriend • Disconnecting girlfriend

How to finish a relationship

Departed from a boyfriend or girlfriend • How to separate our boyfriend or girlfriend?

Among the non-traditional marriages, there are a lot of girls and boys who continue to go because of their inability to interrupt their friendship. In fact, they marry, because from the outset their marriage is the goal of their acquaintance, and despite all the problems and inconsistencies that they feel in their relationship, they continue to marry for the sake of habit of each other. It is impossible for them to separate from each other even if it is impossible to live together!

Speak logically

In such a situation, the emotional response to the verdict is to continue the relationship, and the girl and boy constantly persuaded themselves that things might change in the future, and that the relationship improved. But the logical part of their minds tells them that this relationship will not end.
If you’re one of these people, you should know that the most important step in interrupting relationships is to deal with the logical issue. In fact, turn off the emotional part of your existence for a while (though it’s very difficult but not impossible), and then look at your own side, your opponent and your relationship with the logical part of your existence.

Be sure to end the long relationship that you have defined for long-term goals. If you can turn your homework with yourself and come up with your famous quote, you will also force the other side to distance yourself from the emotional phase and think more logically.

Plan your last visit

Make an appointment in person or phone to end a relationship. But if you do not feel tolerated by the insistence of the other party that you have a relationship, before you come to the place, you will anticipate and respond to all the reactions, responses and possible insults. It is also easier for your mind to convince you that this relationship will not end.

Tell him that you think you will not have a good future together and you will hate happiness and tranquility in the future. Say that this decision is in the interest of both of you and hopes for a good future. How to finish a relationship.

Take it one by one

Return any gift and memorial you have. Although holding the memorabilia is a request that he will have of you, but remember that these small and seemingly insignificant memories can be in the loneliness and the days when you are saddened by the loss of your relationship (and, of course, the natural reaction of each separation It’s sad too) to tempt you to resume the relationship.

If the email and SMS are exchanged, clear them and do not accept any telephone from him or his intermediaries. A relationship needs to be cut off suddenly. Cutting the particle into a particle will disturb both of you and increase the likelihood of re-establishing the relationship.

Do not go unnoticed

Usually, even if you have dependency and interest, you find that after two or three months, you will easily come up with the problem. If your relationship is formalized and a solicitation is done with the presence of families, it is also better to inform the other party’s family accordingly. Never leave the other party in unnoticed. Do not go away and do not get lost. Tell your reasons and courageously face the adventure.

How to finish a relationship

What to do after separation?

After the separation, you are sad for a while, you regret, you feel lonely, you like to look at your two-person memories and go to all the places you’ve been together. Listen to sad songs, read romance novels and cry … These are all natural.
But do not let these natural behaviors prevent you from continuing to live. A relationship that does not end up should be strangled. This is the greatest favor you give to yourself and to the other side.
Let him just be memorable, like a friend who traveled a day on a train, and the path of both of you separated after a few hours and went to a different destination.


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