How to love women

8 Characteristics of men that women love

Men are visionary; that is why they always want the lights to be bright. Science has proved this, and in the same way, it supports the claim that women are really sophisticated-what a contradiction!

How to love women

But what women want is really clear. For most, they are not all physical appearance. Men wanting men to be intelligent and have a bit of deep emotion.

How to love women, You may not always want to have all these features, or do not even know what that contains. That’s why we have collected some personality traits that women are looking for in most serious love partners. Now you can emphasize your best features … you know, score!

It is tempting to have confidence in the decision-making process. We would most like to go out with a man who says “I’m waiting for 8 hours at Youlis” not the person who asks “Well, where should we go?”

1 Talent

Intelligence is beyond reading the book and freshness in business. A man who is skilled in his profession, whether it is selling commercial real estate, or making mixed drinks is attractive. Fascinated women are a challenge, and a man who is so ambitious to challenge himself at every level gives us an opportunity to learn something from him and to motivate us to challenge ourselves. This is always a bright light.

2 charisma

Gossip and humor are an undetermined part of admiration. A man who can laugh at the jokes we have described so badly and is one that we want to be with him. A charming person in the room will make space comfortable and make us feel comfortable with ourselves.

3 Ethical integrity

People are dissenting, and this is inevitable, but a man who can have a mental mind, respects differences in disagreement and values ​​constructive discussion, has reached a degree of sophistication that is considered by women. He recognizes the right from the false one, but at the same time he realizes that what is right for him is likely to be wrong for another person.

4 Deep emotions

An honest dialogue that goes beyond superficial issues is very important. Most women are attracted to men who can start a conversation; this creates a level of trust that is like a two-way street.

5 Presence

We live in a world where technology has shortened connections, and this constantly causes things to throw us distractions. Therefore, the person who can be contacted immediately is highly commendable. Women look for audiences with attention, and love partners who can communicate and express themselves in ways that go beyond words. Paying attention to the seemingly insignificant things we said, surprising us, or just listening to us, tells us that you can get our hearts.

6 Accuracy and abruptness, both equally

It is tempting to have confidence in the decision-making process. We would most like to go out with a man who says “I’m waiting for 8 hours at Youlis” not the person who asks “Well, where should we go?” We want to spend time with you; no matter where. But, at the same time, we have to be motivated. General rule: If you want to invite us outdoors, do it directly. If not, we say no; the introduction is really overwhelming. When we invite you outside, if you suddenly specify a story in which to prepare for anything, it’s equally appealing.

7 reliable

Even if you do not have children, or you do not want to have children, women tend to be men drawn to the family, men who have proven to be a model for their nephews, street children, brothers or new people at work. A respectable man meets the balance; he knows how to manage, prioritize work, friends, family, and relationships.

8 Sexual skills

When it comes to the bedroom, he knows most: necessarily because his only satisfaction is his job, sex is not over.

Train yourself.

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