I want a twin child • How to have a twin child?

twin child, Some wish that they would have two children in their first motherhood experience, in order to suffer only once, and some others fear not to become pregnant again.

I want a twin child • How to have a twin child?

Doubtless, these days, thanks to the medical advances without the need for genes, and women who are aspiring to have two children of the same age, with a few million dollars can afford it. Some claim that they can even change the color of the future child’s eyes, and the other group is confident in their ability to determine the sex of the baby.

We discussed these issues with gynecologist and laparoscopy. He does not rule out the claims of doctors in these cases, but he believes that such interference in the process of becoming pregnant has his own rules and, of course, there is no one hundred percent, and only God knows what happens at the end of the event. This article will introduce you to the ways of gender identification and even the number of children you are supposed to give birth to.

What do we talk about when we talk about the twin?

Twins usually occur in two ways: single and double; in fact, two-thirds of double-twin cases are one-third. In a twin twin, the embryo is divided into two identical cells in the early stages, with identical twins. In other words, a fetus consists of an ovum that is very similar in appearance to the genetics. In a double ovum, two oocytes are fertilized with two sperm and two embryos that can be similar or non-similar, and a girl or a boy.

Inheritance of the mother’s family for twinning

If twinning is common in the mother’s family, the probability that the twin pregnant girl will increase will increase, so the twin will be more inherited than the mother’s family, and the closer the person who is twin-born to you is closer to you, the more likely it is to occur, for example if Mother, sister and aunt have a double history, the probability of a two-way marriage in the daughter of a family increases, for example, the girl has a double history.

In addition, the probability of twin aging in the upper and lower ages is higher at the older age than in the case of ovulation induction drugs. Also, the first month after stopping a birth control pill is a high probability of twinning, such as when ovulation is induced, but the type of food intake and diet do not affect twins.

Maybe it’s quadrupled!

The most common way to dictate the use of supportive medications, such as clomiphene citrate tablets and HMG medications. These medications stimulate ovulation, so they consume 2 or 3 or more oocytes instead of just one egg per month, thus increasing the chance of twin and multiple cats. Of course, these medications should be prescribed by the doctor and controlled by ultrasound. Usually, on the 12th day, an ultrasound cycle occurs, and if the number of follicles is greater than one, there is a possibility of twinning.

In IVF pregnancies, as there is usually more than one embryo in the womb, it can happen accidentally that it occurs. Of course, in this case, as in the case of ovulation induction drugs, the probability of double-breeding is still rising. In terms of cost, it is also worth mentioning that if only clomiphene is used for dual use, it does not cost much for the patient, but if the HMG or IVF mumps are used, the cost goes up very much.

No way back

The sex of the baby is determined by sex chromosomes and, after determining it, there is no way to change it. There are two types of sex chromosomes in the body: chromosome X and chromosome Y. The chromosome determines sex for women X and for men Y. In fact, the female sexual organ (egg) has the formula XX and its child can only give one chromosome X. But male sex cells (sperm) have two types of Y and X chromosomes.

Therefore, depending on which type of sperm (containing X or Y) is combined with an ovum containing chromosome X, the sex of the fetus is determined. If the sperm containing the Y chromosome succeeds in penetrating the egg, the fetus will be male, and if the sperm containing X contains the egg, the fetus becomes a girl. In other words, if the two chromosomes X are female, and if there is a chromosome X and a chromosome Y, the gender is male, so the first time it is fertilized and the chromosomes are combined, the gender is identified and can no longer be changed.

The method of determining sanity answers one hundred percent.

There are several ways to determine the gender of a fetus before pregnancy, with different levels of accountability. In the IVF procedure, the female or female embryo transfer completely eliminates the gender-based error. In this way, the same things done for infertile couples are also being done for women who are not infertile. As a result, a few eggs are taken from a woman and then in the laboratory, the sperm is injected into the egg and the embryo is formed. After that, a cell from a fetus made by the PGD method is tested to determine whether the fetus is a boy or a girl. Then, depending on the wishes of the couple, it is decided that the mother’s maternal embryo is transferred or the girl’s embryo.

In this method, 100 percent of the sex can be determined with confidence, but the IVF itself is not 100 percent. IVF is an experimental method of supportive care that answers 40% of infertile couples in Iran and those who do not have infertility make up about 60% to 70% of the positive.

Twin pregnancy is high risk!

Unfortunately, the risk of abortion, early delivery and fetal malformation is three to five times as likely to be normal in pregnancy. Also, the probability of tearing the diabetes and blood pressure bags in these pregnancies is also higher, so if you are planning a twin pregnancy you should know that many doctors are forbidden to do so because of the many risks they bring.

How much does sex determination cost?

IVF costs about 3 million USD for sex determination. The PGD method, either for sex determination or diagnosis, costs about 6 to 7 million USD, with medicines at least about 10 million USD because sometimes it is necessary to send the cell abroad or some specific equipment for PCR From outside to Iran, these issues will lead to higher costs. Of course, in these methods there is a possibility of mistake, but its rate is very small and below one percent.

Perhaps the conclusion is the opposite

There are also more simple methods for gender determination, with a 100% confidence level, but up to 80% are positive. One of these methods is the injection of sperm into the uterus. In the method of isolating and injecting intrauterine sperm, the amount of confidence in the gender is set to be 70-80%. In fact, sperms that contain the Y chromosome are faster than sperm containing chromosomes X.

By the laboratory methods, these sperms can be partially separated and, depending on the interest of the couple, are injected into the spermatozoa of X (daughter) or Y (male). You should, however, keep in mind that the probability of having a pregnancy is about 30% to 35% in each period; that is, the likelihood of having an appropriate sex with this method is 70% to 80% and the probability of a pregnancy is 30% to 35%.

Simple gender determination

Other simpler methods for sex determination can be done by ultrasound to determine the ovulation day. In fact, the physician based on the result of ultrasound can say that the proximity of the day increases the likelihood of becoming a boy or daughter. Usually, after ovulation, the probability of fetal malnutrition is higher and 2 to 3 days before the ovulation is likely to be more likely to be females, because Y sperms are faster and faster, but their X sperms are more resistant and more slowly moving and staying longer.

Diet and pills do not benefit!

Contraceptive pills do not affect the sex of the fetus and just one month after they stop growing pregnancies are likely to increase. Some people also believe that men should have a frozen sac for their testicles a few months ago, but you should know that this does not affect the baby’s gender or fertility, and it’s enough to prevent excessive temperature rise in the testicle area. Sometimes it is said that, for the sake of husbands, it is not necessary to consume cabbage and sausages from the past three months, which does not affect the child’s gender. However, if you stop taking these foods, it will surely be in their favor! The last point is that the scheduled timetables, based on the days and months of the year, do not have a scientific basis for proximity and gender determination, and can not be trusted.

Determining the color of the eye before pregnancy is not yet possible.

What changes can be made to the appearance of the fetus before pregnancy and which diseases can be predicted?

Determining the color of the eye, hair and … The child is not yet practicing using genetic variation, but it is in the research, but the gene is known to be certain and in some cases it can be detected in the fetus. In this way, it is possible to prevent the occurrence of abrupt and unpleasant diseases.

In US, fetal abnormalities can be detected by PGD (Pregestational Diagnosis) or pre-natal diagnosis and IVF. In this way, before we put the embryo in the mother’s womb, we remove one of its cells and carry out a genetic test. If a genetic test shows that the disease gene in the fetus is present, it will not be placed in the mother’s womb, and if the gene is not present, implantation is done in the womb. This method is usually used for those who have a particular illness or who have a known illness in their family.

Of course, all of these should be done with the diagnosis and prescription of a geneticist. So be sure to consult a gynecologist before you get pregnant.

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