Increase women’s libido | Matches for women

Lack of sexual desire for women is one of the most common problems that make couples unhappy. Increasing women’s libido can be a way to end marital problems. Research has shown that about one-third of women are reluctant to have sex, or so-called cynicism. If you are looking for a way to increase your spouse’s libido, first check to see when this problem has occurred. Does your spouse have a physical root? Sometimes the kind of relationship you have with her makes her reluctant. You should better understand the causes and ways of Increase women’s libido by reading this article.

Increase women's libido | Matches for women

Is my libido low or my wife’s libido high?

The desire to increase libido in women can arise from two problems. The first type are women who have sexual desire or coldness and therefore do not show much interest in sex. This problem can have many different types and intensities.

The second category are couples with limited understanding or sexual intercourse. For example, your sex may be balanced, but your spouse’s sex is more than normal. If you are thinking about increasing your sex drive or your spouse’s sex drive, you must first find out whether there are any female sexual problems or any form of sexual abuse.

Find out the cause of sexual impatience

The cause of women’s sexual desire can be very varied. Lack of testosterone, malnutrition, diabetes, vascular stenosis, antidepressants, hypertension and contraception can be physical causes of women’s sexual desire.

But usually the most important causes of women’s sexual desire are psychological factors – the very same sexual disorders that need to be eradicated and treated by a psychologist. For example, negative attitudes toward sexuality taught to girls by parents and traditional society, negative perceptions of their body image, and dissatisfaction with body shape, past sexual abuse, weakness with a spouse, or emotional distress with She, men’s sexual problems such as prematurity and erectile dysfunction that cause women to fail, can all be factors in reducing women’s libido. Alongside these issues, there are psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression and fear of pregnancy.

Physical methods to increase women’s sexual desire

To increase women’s libido, there are not many viable chemical drugs approved by pharmaceutical organizations. Traditional medicine recommends the use of several herbal remedies to increase sexual desire that you can use with the advice of your doctor.

Only one drug, with if and but

Addyi is the only drug approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to increase women’s sexual desire. But research on it is very different, and because of conflicting reports, we recommend that you never use it without your doctor’s opinion.

Do not take birth control pills

Using birth control pills reduces testosterone and limits libido. These pills may even increase pain during intercourse.

If you take psychiatric medications because of psychological problems, some of these medications may decrease libido. We recommend that you consult your psychiatrist if possible.

Drops of Vitagnus

The Vitagnus Drop comes from the five-fingered medicinal plant. It affects hormonal secretions and can increase menopausal and menstrual complications in addition to boosting libido. It is recommended that you consult a specialist.

Eat more of these foods

To increase libido you can incorporate effective foods into your diet that are somewhat effective. Spinach, due to its increased flow in the body and genitals, makes the experience of orgasm more natural and more enjoyable. Bitter chocolate increases dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain and increases blood supply. Pumpkin eggs can increase libido due to the presence of zinc and tryptophan. Catechin in green tea also has a similar effect, and spicy peppers also increase libido by increasing metabolism.

Psychological and behavioral methods to increase women’s sexual desire

Increasing the desire for women ‘s Janice | Reduce your stress

High stress plays an important role in reducing your libido. To reduce stress, use behavioral techniques such as exercise, hot water baths before sex or muscle relaxation. Also, go on the path to treating anxiety by recognizing and managing stressful sources.

Get enough sleep

Adequate nighttime sleep can increase women’s sexual desire. Research has shown that women’s sexual desire can be increased by up to 14% due to adequate sleep.

Exercise together to increase women’s libido

Exercise, in addition to reducing stress, prepares the body for sex. Exercise makes the nervous system more sensitive to touch. Exercising along with the physical effect will increase your intimacy and ultimately lead to more satisfying sex. Exercise, dance, hike or bike together.

Do homework together to increase women’s libido

One of the reasons for the decline in women’s libido can be physical fatigue. To deal with this, you can share your homework with your spouse. Women increase their level of interest and intimacy when their spouse helps with housework. Increased intimacy and decreased physical fatigue both lead to increased libido.

Don’t have sex for a while to increase women’s libido

Research has shown that making short breaks from any sexual contact can help both parties seek to discover new experiences and activate their sexual desire.

Take your child out of the room

The presence of your young child in the bedroom can affect your sexual feelings and prevent you from being sexually aroused.

Talk about your sexual feelings with your spouse

Try to get to know your body more and know what excites you the most. Talk to your spouse about your favorite sexual fantasies and movements. Make a list of your favorite moods, fantasies, and knowledge about your body, talk to your spouse about it, and answer each other’s questions. Raising your information about the opposite sex will help your sexual satisfaction.

Use lubricants

Vaginal dryness can make the intercourse painful and the relationship difficult, reducing your desire for intercourse. The use of lubricants during intercourse will prevent vaginal dryness and make your relationship more enjoyable.


What else can be done to increase women’s libido?

Finally, if these strategies do not work, you may want to see a sex psychologist or psychiatrist. To begin identifying the exact cause of sexual dysfunction, get started with the right treatment plan for you. As we said, sexual immorality or coldness can have different causes, all of which are treatable if known.

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