Insomnia treatment methods for depression patients

Treatment for insomnia with depression The relationship between sleep problems and depression

Insomnia treatment methods for depression patients

Sleep problems are common among many people, especially those with depression. This article explores the causes and methods of treating insomnia.

Bad-sleep problem and insomnia may be caused by various reasons.

  • They can be created for the following reasons:
  • Stress
  • Physical illnesses that cause pain or frequent urination
  • Having noisy neighbors
  • Snoring husband
  • Having young children
  • Upset bed
  • Night shift shifts
  • Flight (a mode in which a person’s sleep setting falls after a long flight and due to the difference in flight time from the flight time).
  • Some medications, heavy meals or spices, and some drinks, such as alcohol and caffeinated drinks, can also cause sleep disorders or disrupt sleep patterns.

In addition to the above, depression can also cause sleep problems.

Sleep disorder, whether caused by depression or caused by other factors, can cause an individual’s discomfort and persecution. So you have to think for treatment for insomnia.


What types of sleep problems do people with depression experience?

People with depression can have a variety of sleep problems. Generally, these disorders may include less than normal sleep and include:

The problem is falling asleep, which often happens because of the turmoil that comes to your mind when lying down in bed.
Frequent waking during the night
Waking up in the early morning and inability to fall asleep
Even if people with standard depression have a standard sleep clock, they may still feel awkward after an upsetting morning and feel tired throughout the day.

In some cases, people with depression are overweight. These people can not get out of bed and spend most of their day in bed. However, this does not make them feel tired.

How Much Sleep Problems Do People with Depression Have?

Probably more than 80% of people with depression are having sleep problems, and especially with sleep deprivation.

Is not enough sleep can be problematic?

We all know that if we do not have a good night’s sleep, the next day, we can not properly do our work. Important processes occur during sleep that cause the so-called “recharge of our battery.” If our sleep is less than necessary, the chance of bad occurrences at home, at work or during driving increases.

People with depression who can not sleep (especially if it involves hours of bedtime without falling asleep) can cause other problems. At these times, people tend to think about their problems.

If you are depressed, everything looks dark and black. These bitter thoughts can worsen your mood and worsening your mood can lead to worsening your thoughts and turn this process into a positive feedback cycle.

Severe sleep problems in depressed people are associated with increased suicide attempts. On the other hand, improving sleep conditions can help improve the mood of people with depression.


How much sleep is enough

Different people need different sleep. The range of sleep varies from 3 to 10 hours.

As a general rule, 5 to 6 hours of sleep is required to minimize sleep deprivation on your performance at work or while driving.

Most people need 7 to 8 hours of sleep to feel happy. On the other hand, as the age increases, the need for sleep also decreases.

Normal sleep

Sleep can be measured by measuring the electrical activity of the brain. With the help of this method, sleep can be classified into different stages: it generally has 4 stages of sleep, and the awakening of well involves the same process, and in the opposite direction.

However, during the night we change between different stages. Steps 1 and 2 are considered as light sleep and steps 3 and 4 are considered as deep sleep.

The body’s restorative processes occur in deep sleep stages, and if we do not experience the deep stages of sleep, we feel tired and bored.

There is also the fifth stage of sleep, which is referred to as the fast moving eye (REM), because at this stage, while the eyes are closed, they move rapidly around and turn around. The REM stage is part of the dream we dream.

Sleep has many psychological effects and can help people in mental evacuation.

The content of the dreams often involves things that have just happened to us or that we have just thought about them.

Different stages of sleep can be plotted in a chart called sleep hypnotherapist.

We typically experience a natural night’s sleep in several cycles of different stages of sleep. We usually enter deep sleep in the early part of the night and then enter the REM stage or see the dream. This can be a convincing explanation for why people who sleep in the morning often have a light sleep and do not dream.

Waking up during the night is not abnormal. Typically, these wakeups are such that we will not be aware of them.

What to do to treat insomnia and sleepiness?

Failure to fall asleep can be very unpleasant.

Fortunately, there are many ways to improve this condition and to treat insomnia.

Do not forget that the following are not miracles and only respond to some people, but we suggest that you try them out whenever possible and take advantage of them if you answer.

Organize your sleep and give it a distinct routine. Wake up to a certain hour each morning (even if your sleep was not appropriate). Do not sleep during the day, and at night, go to the bed for the specified hour. Do not forget that going to bed early causes disturbed thoughts and can make you sleepy.
Exercise throughout the day. This will help your body get tired and sleep easier at night. On the other hand, exercise itself can be beneficial for your health and one of the treatment options for depression.
Avoid exercising at two hours to sleep. The reason for this is that exercise activates the body and makes it difficult to sleep.
Avoid watching uncomfortable and rough movies before bed.
From 6 o’clock in the afternoon, do not drink tea, coffee, soft drinks or other caffeinated beverages. Drinking more than 4 cups of these drinks is not recommended overnight.
Drink a vegetarian or milk drink during the night. The milk can work for some people like a sleeping pill. Do not forget that drinks containing chocolate and cacao also often contain caffeine.
Do not eat heavy meals at bedtime for two hours. Sleeping with a full stomach can be difficult.
Alcohol consumption can cause sleep disorders and also increase your urine and wake up throughout the night.
Prepare your room for sleep. Having a TV or radio in the bedroom can cause sleep problems.
Your room temperature should be good and your bed should be comfortable. The darkness and relaxation of the room can also have an effect on your sleep.
The use of aromatic oils, such as Olive Oil, can relax and soothe sleep.
Learn the techniques of relaxation and help them to fall asleep and treat insomnia.
Pre-sleeping studies are helpful for some people, but for some others, the result is a picture. If you are studying before bedtime, read only those things that do not care and relax for you.
Many people are involved in the process of sleep, and the same thing will be problematic for them.

in this case:

Do not try to get yourself down.
Tell yourself that your sleep will come and you just need to lay in bed in bed to sleep.
Try to keep your eyes open. When your eyes get heavy, get a little stubborn. This will make you feel asleep.
Try to imagine a relaxing and pleasant scene if your thoughts have missed your mind.

Do not try to get yourself down.

Tell yourself that your sleep will come and you just need to lay in bed in bed to sleep.
Try to keep your eyes open. When your eyes get heavy, get a little stubborn. This will make you feel asleep.
Try to imagine a relaxing and pleasant scene if your thoughts have missed your mind.

Is there a drug to deal with sleeping problems and treatment for insomnia?
It’s always better to use the methods described above to deal with sleep problems instead of relying on drugs.

However, you may still be having trouble sleeping with all the tips above. If so, be sure to check with your doctor. Your doctor may prescribe medication.

Do not forget that taking medication can be dangerous, so be sure to consult your doctor before taking any medication.

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