Leave sex and its effect on the body

Leave sex, Sex is very powerful and it can improve your mood even by narrowing your waist. Having sex once a week increases longevity.

Leave sex and its effect on the body

What affects your lack of sex depends entirely on your health. Perhaps you do not have enough health to do sex.

But if you are generally healthier and you do not have a physical sexual relationship due to your lack of someone else’s choice or your own choice, then there might be a series of changes.

Lack of sex leads to a change in libido

Sexual interruption leads to a reduction in libido or, in some people, increases sexual desire.
Some people increase their desire for normal sex due to lack of sex, but some people are the opposite and their sex is down. You may not even think about sex or not thinking about it. Leave sex…

By leaving sex, you may feel more depressed

Part of a physical sex is a mental part. People at the time of sex usually have skin-to-skin contact, which is one of the basic needs of an individual to feel calm.
Like the baby’s relationship with the mother. Sexual contact with your partner will maximize the amount of touch and skin contact that can act as an emotional regulator that results in the secretion of the oxytocin hormone or hormone, while increasing endorphins endorphins Improves your spirits.

Without the use of this natural hormonal enhancer, it is likely that you will feel more tired and depressed. Of course, this depression is not a real illness.

Changes in stress levels

Like other psychological effects, this disparity varies from person to person. People with less stress are more likely to have sex, but the opposite is possible. Sex is a stress-reducing factor, and its interruption increases the level of stress itself. A small study conducted in Scotland showed that the level of blood pressure in responding to stress is lower in those who have sex.

But in some cases sex is somewhat stressful for some women. It may be due to pain or other mental problems.

The risk of urinary tract infections is reduced

Having no sex reduces the risk of getting urinary tract infections because it reduces the chance of passing bacteria from the anus to the urethra.

You may be worse off

Two studies at the University of Maryland and South Korea showed that having sex improves brain function and brain cell growth. As a preliminary study, this is an interesting result, but it’s too early to say that sexual intercourse is taking place.

You keep your physical capacity for having sex

Although some postmenopausal women may lose their physical fitness in the long term by cutting off their sexual form, but in general, your body remembers how it has adapted itself to sexual intercourse.

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