Masturbation – Complications and consequences of self-satisfaction

Masturbation is one of the methods of sexual stimulation that does not require a sexual partner, and individuals can experience sexual pleasure and satisfaction by stimulating their own sexual organs. The experience can give you complete satisfaction, but not necessarily so. This phenomenon is found in other mammals in addition to humans. Masturbation is very common, both for married and single people, but can be problematic at times. In this article, we thoroughly examine the benefits and disadvantages of self-satisfaction.

Masturbation | Complications and consequences of self-satisfaction

Is masturbation good or bad?

The human child finds itself at the age of three and begins to touch. Over time, he becomes familiar with masturbation. Masturbation Since the human body is biochemically balanced, doing so can be beneficial to the individual. But if self-indulgence is exaggerated (and increased in number and quantity), as with any other problem, after a while it will lead to many problems and conflicts in personal life, marriage, and so on. In these situations, sexual misconduct is also more likely.

How to masturbate

Masturbation is usually done by hands or other means. Males often do this through viewing pornography and pornography. In women, this can be done in addition to hands with various tools or water pressure.

When is masturbation a problem?

As is said to be common among humans and animals, there is also a child’s self-esteem. However, repeating this procedure can cause problems for the individual, including:
1. The person’s inability to control masturbation
2. Create a lot of brainstorming
3. Reduce and impair one’s sexual function, such as premature ejaculation, late ejaculation, sexual dysfunction, etc.

Masturbation in men

Male self-esteem usually occurs between the ages of 1 and 2 years. In young boys, it usually begins during adolescence with the discovery of sexual intercourse. In the past, the boundary between understanding and not understanding sex was for boys with sexual experience. But today, with the advent of the Internet and pornography, men with no experience of sex will have a full understanding of relationships. Boys usually self-masturbate more than girls and spend more hours doing this.

Masturbation in men

For boys, in addition to the anxiety and stress of discovering sex-role models, it can also be a reason for self-satisfaction. They also seek information in a variety of ways to better understand their sexual relationships.

Masturbation in girls

Women’s self-satisfaction is a little different. They may find at a very young age that they can enjoy clitoris stimulation. But the fun is dumb for them. At a young age, girls achieve this pleasure by various means, such as applying water pressure or pushing the clitoris and other parts of the penis to different bodies.

Masturbation in girls

Less reported are those seeking pornography (the same as men). Masturbation for girls is more a way to experience their emotions. At a young age, they see love and sexuality as a general issue, and they tend to cultivate more physical and psychological satisfaction by cultivating these emotions and imaginations.

Attitudes to masturbation

In many cultures and religions it is forbidden and prevented from doing so. In Islam, this act is also forbidden except for major sins. This is considered taboo because of sexuality in most cultures and people prefer not to talk about it.


Reasons for masturbating

1. Not having a sexual partner

2. Marital Satisfaction

3. Obsessive-compulsive behaviors

4. Stress and physical illness
5. Sexual disorders

Masturbation can have many different causes. The most important reason for complaining is not having a sexual partner. This is most commonly seen in young people who have little or no sex. Men and women who have regular sexual intercourse also occasionally do this. Sexual dissatisfaction is one reason for doing so. People who cannot enjoy or enjoy sex in their sexual relationships do so.

There are a variety of mental illnesses called obsessive compulsive behaviors that one cannot resist. Usually, people who are obsessed with it do not enjoy it very much and cannot stop it. Somehow they may be obsessed. People with stressful occupational and academic conditions also report having more work done to control stress.

Stress is generally an important factor in self-masturbation, and people who complain of this condition usually report less stress after doing so. It is also seen in people who are more likely to be self-satisfied when they get sick. This desire is similar to an evolutionary response because self-esteem increases the effect of the immune system and increases blood white blood cells.

What are the side effects of self-satisfaction?

Contrary to popular belief and scientific research, self-indulgence does not in itself have acute and observable physical effects; but inadequate self-esteem over time and multiple repetitions can cause muscle problems. Orgasm, or full satisfaction, requires a lot of energy from the body, so the body uses nutrients stored in the muscles to supply that lost energy. Muscle means all the muscles of the body, even the eyes, the heart and the brain. Self-indulgence may temporarily impair the performance of these organs, and if the body’s energy is not adequately supplied, there may be more serious complications that are generally associated with dehydration and body energy.

Self-indulgence in women may also cause hand tremors, menstrual disorders and excessive fatigue.

Headache, fatigue and lethargy, isolation, shoulder, hand, waist and legs pain, loss of appetite and weight loss, difficulty sleeping, loss of concentration and distraction, penile injury and aggression are some of the general effects of self-esteem. is.

What are the mental and psychological complications of self-satisfaction?

For many people, the most intense feeling of self-satisfaction is guilt. It may not be wrong, but morally, religiously or culturally it makes you feel guilty. You need to know that self-healing is treatable and that talking to sex therapist and personal will can be resolved.

Some of the mental problems that occur with self-indulgence in men and women:

  • Depression due to feeling lonely in being satisfied
  • Anxiety and Stress due to Concerns about the Consequences and
  • Consequences of Continuing Self-Satisfaction and Concerns about Being
  • Informed and Losing Honor
  • Lack of self-esteem and sometimes humiliating self-indulgence
  • Self-addiction, which we explain below.

Early or late adolescence due to self-satisfaction

One of the confirmed side effects of self-satisfaction is the effect on the duration of relationship start to satisfaction. In men, as it is usually done in a self-indulgent state, over time it becomes a routine and a habit, so gratification will be accomplished quickly and in that particular state. After marriage, these men are satisfied with the slightest stimulus that resembles self-indulgence, due to the nervous system’s habit of early gratification.

This is different in women because of the variety of self-satisfying ways and irritable areas. Using different means of self-esteem, in addition to knowing the woman about her body and the state that gives her the most pleasure, heightened her expectation of the best stimulation and delayed sexual satisfaction due to male unawareness. be.

For the treatment of early ejaculation or late ejaculation, there are many cognitive and behavioral exercises that can be examined and treated by a psychologist and sex therapist during a process.

The relationship between self-satisfaction with libido and cold temper

The main cause of self-indulgence in premarital life is the easiest way to reach sexual pleasure and satisfaction, and the main causes of self-indulgence after marriage, dissatisfaction with sex, lack of orgasm in close proximity and inability of couples to satisfy each other. Especially in women. All of these reasons make couples happy after marriage.

Self-satisfaction in women generally lowers vaginal sensitivity and may no longer experience orgasm through normal intercourse; over time their sexual desire declines sharply in their marital life. Women who satisfy themselves because of their body and how they satisfy themselves, their expectations of sex are clear, but the man may not be aware of this woman’s knowledge and will not be able to achieve healthy sex. This problem can over time cause cooling and even separation.

Married men who satisfy themselves may not be able to have a healthy sexual relationship with their spouse due to mental exhaustion and physical exhaustion and may go to a faster and perhaps easier way to satisfy their sexual needs. Over time, sexual desire in the man and his wife is impaired.

Self-indulgence and infertility

The pituitary gland is a means of regulating sex hormones. Self-indulgence can greatly impair the pituitary gland and the proper secretion of sex hormones. Overall, self-indulgence can cause sperm to weaken or appear deformed, but there is no proven research that self-indulgence can cause male infertility.

In women, over-indulgence in self-esteem can damage the penis and cause problems. But no research has yet identified self-satisfaction as a cause of infertility.

Does Masturbation Cause Depression?

It is fundamentally difficult to answer this question. We cannot know whether self-indulgence causes depression or depressed people more self-esteem. What is clear is that self-efficacy due to low self-efficacy and feeling that one cannot find a suitable sex partner. We recommend that you read the Depression Symptoms article.

Quit masturbating

Self-satisfaction quit training does not occur abruptly and requires a process. It may take months, or years, to replace a behavior, but be aware this is not impossible and practicable. Steps and strategies are needed to change the behavior of self-harm, including the following:

Consultation with a specialist or psychotherapist

_ Be honest with your feelings
– Give yourself a chance to fulfill your purpose
_ Keep yourself busy and busy
_ Pay attention to your health and physical activity
_ Examine the times you spend in self-help with a specialist
_ Limit your times alone
_ Don’t go to the contents of jokes and pornography
_Do not sleep with your underwear alone and wear clothes that cover your limbs whenever possible.

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