Mistakes of men in sex that eliminate pleasure

To improve your sex, you need to set aside some of the wrong behaviors and actions. In this article, we read about mistakes made by men in sex that should be avoided.

Mistakes of men in sex that eliminate pleasure

Many young couples face difficulties due to lack of familiarity and, in some cases, lack of awareness about how to deal with emotional and marital relationships between spouses, which, unfortunately, are in some cases a family crisis. Its effects on issues such as increasing divorce rates in society, sexual diversity, and so on. Visible. The magazine of life’s image has been designed to prevent such problems and respect family privacy, to increase the wisdom of young couples and to help improve and strengthen the relationships of spouses.

When sex starts in bed

Men may be able, but for women, this is not the case. Paving this path should be embraced, kissed and stroked throughout the day. This behavior shows that you appreciate him. The sense of security and confidence in a relationship is important so that a woman can really free her sex and release her muscles. Long-hugging can stimulate oxytocin hormone in women, creating a sense of communication and trust.


I know all my wife’s sexual needs!

Today, like 20 or 30 years ago, many women do not get real orgasms so, if they do not express it, you may not know it. After asking questions like what it feels like “or do something different, do not be afraid.


Repeated sex: stick to your usual schedule

Do not think that if a sexual behavior works first three times, then the next three will work! Because this affects his mood and when he is in his menstrual cycle, in this way, perhaps his part of his body is more sensitive than before, or his genitalia is more irritable. Pay attention to your partner.
Try to try different things and see how he answers. When you find something that works on her, women often complain that men get stuck on what they are answering and just enjoy it and try not to try other methods.

Hugging a lot

Expand your idea of ​​foreplay. Some men focus only on physical stimulation and often ignore mental stimulation. While men are stimulated by what they see, many women make sex as part of their arousal process.

Mistakes of men in sex

Expecting her orgasm at each sexual intercourse

For 80% of women, intercourse alone does not cause orgasms, why not? In most cases, sex does not directly stimulate female penis. There are other ways to enjoy. Women’s orgasm becomes much more when it comes to sexual stimulation and then sexual intercourse.
Also, try to slowly and stimulate the sex. Note that in sexual intercourse, the woman is completely stimulated before sexual intercourse, which is more likely to reach orgasm.


Avoid Seduction

Women like to sometimes be seduced. It helps to know what kind of stimulus your partner likes oral, intuitive, or psychic. Also, tell your wife how much attractive to her is desirable.


Excessive concentration on reproductive organs

Mistakes of men in sex, Many women need to stimulate genital organs to reach orgasm, you may think it’s very complicated and you can not locate it. The nerve end has spread throughout the veins and inside the vagina. All potential joy points are worth checking out. Excessive attention to the penis may also offend the proximity of some women, so it is very sensitive that excessive stimulation can cause injury.


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