Pregnancy test • How many days after pregnancy we get pregnant?

Time to test pregnancy after sex

Since pregnancy is performed after ovulation, you need to know when to make pregnancy tests after pregnancy, instead of knowing how many days after pregnancy you are pregnant.

Pregnancy Test

The time between the ovulation and the next period is provocative. But do you have to wait until the period to test pregnancy?

What time after pregnancy can I have a pregnancy test?

Fortunately, you do not need to wait for the period to test pregnancy to get the exact result.
There are many pregnancy tests available on the market that can be tested six days before the period. But most tests are accurate two weeks after pregnancy.
Pregnancy may usually occur between one and five days after proximity, and it depends on the time of sex and ovulation. Because sperm can survive in the woman’s genital tract for up to five days, and the egg survives twelve to twenty four hours after ovulation.

How does pregnancy test work?

Homemade pregnancy tests are similar, but some are more sensitive.
Pregnancy test is done by measuring the amount of gonadotropin hormone in the urine.
Test sensitivity is indicated on the envelope. Tests that are more sensitive are more likely to recognize pregnancy.
In these tests, the amount of hormone is usually between 10 and 40 ml per ml of urine. The less number the test is more sensitive.

What happens if a pregnancy test shows a negative result?

Every person and pregnancy differ from one another. If a company that can detect pregnancy after a certain number of days is due to the fact that most women in the urine have a specific amount of gonadotropin hormone.
If you think you are pregnant, it’s best to test a few times.

Pregnancy Test

Some women show a small amount of hormone in the urine so if you do not get a period and your test is still negative, wait three days then try again.
If the test result is still negative, but you are seeing other signs of pregnancy, it is advisable to refer to the doctor. Blood tests for pregnancy testing are much more accurate and recognize pregnancy.

Is it possible to make a positive pregnancy test result by mistake?

Sometimes mistakenly, a positive result can be seen. But its probability is very low.
If the test result is positive, but you do not think you are pregnant, take the test again after a few days.
Since pregnancy tests are much more accurate than before, the kit may mistake the chemical pregnancy. This pregnancy occurs when pregnancy is lost after a short time from fertilization. The old one did not recognize these pregnancies as the precision was very low, and sometimes before the woman realized that she stopped pregnancy and did not recognize Kate.
It is best to always confirm the positive result by referring to the doctor and performing a blood test.

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