Return to previous relationship

The ending of the emotional relationship and separation, for whatever reason, is by no means a pleasant experience for anyone. But on many occasions the return to the relationship can be attractive and tempting to you. Especially if you know the other party is willing to give the relationship a fresh opportunity. Some couples, after returning to the relationship, have a stronger and happier emotional relationship than before, and others will repeat the mistakes they make in their relationship again and will experience a rebound. The question that may be posed to many people is whether the return to the failed relationship is right and wise? What should be considered for success in returning to the previous relationship?

Return to previous relationship

Is the return to the previous relationship correct?

Whether or not to restart emotional relationships with the former is correct depends on the couples. If both sides are determined that they will struggle hard to get started again, forgive each other and strengthen their relationship, then this reciprocal relationship will certainly succeed. Both parties must have full understanding, keep communication channels open and be honest.

If there are no unresolved issues, restarting the relationship with the former will not be a good idea. If the collapse of your relationship in the past has had a particular cause, it is better for both sides to agree limits and limits on certain specific behaviors.

According to Radios Love experts, if you want to know if your relationship is worth rebuilding, it’s best to check an important issue before. Why do you want to go back to this relationship again? Although, although some of the reasons for returning to the relationship are legitimate, others may be completely wrong reasons to return to a relationship that should not be decided upon by them

Reasonable reasons to return to the previous relationship

The most common situation that leads a person to his previous emotional partner and to the creation of a relationship that can be better or stronger than the previous one is as follows:

Mandatory separation

Many people who love each other are separated under conditions that they have no control over; for example, one party goes to another country for career reasons, or family conditions make life impossible. Whatever the reason for separation, they did not decide to end their relationship, but because of the circumstances, they were forced to separate. In this case, if external conditions change and they recognize that they can live together, their relationship and commitment to each other this time will be much tighter than the previous one, thanks to the previous compulsory separation.

Change and correct wrong behaviors

Sometimes, until an emotional relationship comes to a halt, the parties do not realize that their behavior or attitudes need to be corrected. This separation is a worthwhile warning that awakens them from sleep and tells them that if they do not change their behavior they will never be able to see again the person they love. If you believe that your spouse has learned this separation and changed any behavior that has caused your life to crumble, it is advisable to give this cool lover a chance again.

Opportunity again to compensate

Some relationships have an early ending, and both sides feel that they have not waited enough to grow their relationship. Therefore, both decide to re-engage in their relationship so that at the end of their lives they will not regret the wish that they have given one opportunity again. This restart can be the final chapter of the story of a relationship or a sweet beginning of a new season. In any case, this is a re-opportunity that both individuals must do to determine their own life.

Wrong reasons to return to previous relationship

As there are wrong reasons to start and continue an emotional relationship, there are also some false reasons for returning to the relationship, which we will explain in this section most commonly.

Feeling lonely

You resume your emotional relationship again, not because you really want to be together, but because you are feeling very lonely and unable to find someone who attracts your interest. This feeling of loneliness will intensify when you and your fiancée continue to associate with the same common social groups and these encounters will somehow pull you towards each other. But keep in mind that this is just a temporary solution to loneliness, and sooner or later one or both sides will be re-hijacked.



It seems foolish, but some people start again with the emotional relationship because they are losing jealousy in thinking that their former partner will have a relationship with another person. This jealousy has nothing to do with love, and it is unlikely that the relationship that emerges from jealousy and to control another is unlikely to be sustainable.

Charm of prohibited relationships

Some people, when they are separated from their husbands, and both begin a new relationship with others, become irresistible to the excitement of their former affiliate, which is now forbidden to them. Such relationships often begin as an illegitimate relationship and betrayal of new people who have entered into the life of one or both sides after separation. The excitement of this illegitimate relationship is highly seductive and enticing. The problem here is that the prize that was previously appealing to us and the fire and the fire that we got to ourselves would be worthless after it was put into our hands. Similarly, after falling of that initial excitement, nothing remains important.

Decide to return to the relationship

Before returning to an emotional relationship or trying to return a husband and a former candidate, first think about the answers to these good questions and then decide:

Why are you separated?

This question is probably the most important question you should ask yourself, since the answer you give to a large extent determines whether the return to the relationship is the right one and you can hope for the success of the relationship.

Are you in a difficult and uncontrollable situation and separated from family or personal crises? Or that important reasons such as betrayal, lying or abuse have been the reason for the separation. Some of these reasons can be resolved, but others are by no means forgotten.

Can you forgive the mistakes of the other party?

Before you start the relationship again, ask yourself if you really can forgive your spouse for the work that he has done and disrupt your life? If you want to spin your spouse into Raksh and revive the old adventures in every controversy, returning to the relationship is of no use, because intimacy and real proximity will never take place in your relationship. Donating another does not mean that you ignore and ignore the wrong thing that he did, but you must forget this mistake and leave it to the past and put together a new and different start. Do not try to rehash everything in the past, but try to rejoice with this coming back and hope for a bright future, giving you a new and different life.


What has changed since you separated?

Most of the opportunities do not go back to the place, because the spouses imagine that when they come back again everything goes back to the previous situation slowly and effortlessly. However, it is necessary to look for a new relationship, just like a new romantic relationship.

The failure of a romantic relationship in the past does not mean that this relationship is doomed to failure. But in order to get another result this time, something has changed, otherwise the story will be repeated.

Some couples just need to be away from each other for a while to find out in their privacy that they are dear to each other. If this situation also applies to you, the wheel of this time will probably turn around. However, it’s very difficult and rare for a major change to occur in adults, so if your relationship is due to the personality traits of your spouse, the inconsistency or confrontation of individual values, it is better not to trouble yourself again.

How terrible and poisonous was your separation?

Some divisions are very bad and terrible, the things we do after breaking our hearts, and what we say is even worse than the main reason for our separation. In addition, the reactions and reactions of individuals in these difficult situations often show their true character. So, before you begin the relationship again, carefully think about those people who have thrown up the distressed conditions from the depths of your being. Remembering the behavior of those days will make it easier for you to find out and understand how it will behave in the future.

In addition, when you have had brutal and perverse behavior, you can hardly find hate and grudge from your hearts. However, if you really have made your decision to return to the relationship, you must clear your mind so that these unpleasant feelings will not diminish your new relationship. So, the chances of success will start to partly depend on how you behaved when you were separated from each other.

Does he have any idea when you think about your future?

This question is important in all serious relationships. Before starting any relationship, you should ask yourself what your position is in your future, and can you imagine a future for yourself? Does he talk to you about his future plans? Does this person correlate with your perceptions of life five or ten years later?

If you think that you do not have a future with this, then you will only bring sadness to yourself. Before you take your heart to the sea and start your relationship again, ask yourself if your motivation for this return is merely eliminating loneliness or that you really are likely to be happy with this one together. Do not hurt yourself or another because of the ephemeral feelings.


What are your close friends about this new start?

When you decide to return to the relationship, you are often so upright, that you can not think about it wisely. For this reason, it is best to consult with your relatives about the correctness of this restart.

If all the people who you love and care about are alerted to you about re-engagement, they probably will not see a clear future for this relationship. Your discomfort also deplores your loved ones. Conversely, if all your closest people were looking forward to this restart, you can hope for the future of this reciprocal relationship.

The last word is that when you decide on the right or wrong to re-energize the old love fire, make this decision 25% with the heart and 75% with the wisdom.

The feeling of loneliness, jealousy and charm of the relationship that is now forbidden are wrong reasons for returning to the previous relationship. Conversely, if separation from the unwanted and compelled factors is out of touch, or the parties have taken a serious decision to change their erroneous behaviors and want to give them a fresh opportunity to relate to them, returning to the relationship can be a good idea.

Before deciding to return to a relationship with former love, you need to ask yourself to review the main reason for the separation. Ask yourself if you can completely blame the mistakes of the other party and think about the changes that were made at the time of separation.

If your separation is in such a way that one of two people has experienced severe mental harm during that time, or if you can not imagine your future with the person, despite the desire to return to the relationship, the return to the relationship will be wrong. The close friends, family, and friends can also help you to make a logical decision to return or not to return to an emotional relationship.

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