sex change operation – Read before surgery

sex change operation is a surgery performed by physicians to change the physical gender of the volunteer. Individuals, and especially transgender people who intend to undergo gender reassignment, must obtain permission to do so through the legal process. These licenses must be carried out by forensics and psychologists.

sex change operation - Read before surgery

The legal process for licensing a sex change operation

By law, transsexuals can undergo sex change, but they need to be diagnosed. Click for Transgende Symbols. But individuals and especially transsexuals can do so in two ways:

The first way

Refer to a family court and file a sex change petition

Referral of Trance to Forensic Medicine

Introduce yourself to a reputable forensic psychiatrist and undergo psychotherapy

Perform hormone and karyotype level screening tests to make sure a person is not suffering from a hormonal or chromosomal abnormality.

Approval by a psychiatrist and referral to forensic medicine

Forensic confirmation and referral to the judge

Receive judge’s ruling on sex change permits

Second way

Referral to a valid and competent psychiatrist

Going through psychotherapy

Obtain a psychiatrist’s approval of being trans

Perform hormone screening tests to make sure a person is not suffering from a hormonal or chromosomal abnormality.

Going to court and filing a sex change petition

A transgender person will be referred to forensic medicine for confirmation of medical evidence.

Confirmation by forensic medicine and referral to the judge

Receive a judge’s ruling on sex change permits

Necessary Psychology Tips Before Doing Sex Change

Before you have surgery you need to be familiar with the new identity of your life. Set aside this dream of becoming ideal, and note that doing sex change is not the first and last resort. It is best to take into consideration everything before you take action and know that you have limitations on your clothing and that you cannot wear the same as before. In fact, you have to adapt yourself to new conditions.

Review the benefits and disadvantages of gender change with you and make the right decision about your family, career, and career. Do not think that after the operation, everything is over! Incidentally, gender change is the starting point again. You have to move from one culture to another. You will no longer be allowed to easily enter previous masculine or feminine assemblies, different religious orders, changing cover, and the thousands of other great and great points you must adhere to.

The practice of gender change in women

After undergoing counseling sessions and spending at least one year on your hormone therapy, you can perform the necessary surgery if you are still determined. You have to make sure that the surgeries are irreversible and that you can no longer physically return to your real sex.

For women who want to switch to a male gender, the surgical procedures are usually as follows:

1. Breast removal
This is done in two ways:

A) Bilateral resection of the breasts, along with re-healing of the nipple and surrounding aura.

B) The breasts are removed from the skin under what is called subcutaneous breast removal.

The second method is suitable for people who have small breasts.

2- Removal of the uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes and ovaries
3. Vaginal Removal
In women who want to have sex, they can have a penis in two ways.

A) A transplanted muscle and forearm bones are used to create the penis. This procedure is followed by removal of the entire vagina.

B) The female clitoris becomes the penis. This will remove some of the vagina.

Note: Removed vaginal tissue is used to create the urethra.

4- Creating a penis
5. Elongate the urethra and bring it to the tip of the penis
6. Insert the scrotum

To create the testicles, they empty the inside of the large lips and place a testicular denture inside them. Note that each of the above stages has its own side effects and the patient may be hospitalized and operated on many times.

Generally, sex change surgery is very complex and has many side effects. That said, it is mandatory to change a female to a male, but there are a number of additional surgeries that are optional and give you a more masculine appearance.

These are:

Nasal plastic surgery for a masculine-looking nose

Planting jaws and cheeks for masculine face

Surgery to Create Male Breast Muscles

Women have a hip pelvis and can use hip and hip liposuction to have a male pelvis.

The practice of sex change in men

Men should have a Gender Identity Disorder psychologically. Diagnosis of this disorder has specific diagnostic criteria.

After diagnosis, the individual must be determined for at least 5 years in his decision.

One should live in the opposite sex community for at least one year to determine the reaction of the community, friends and family.

Sufficiently support your family and friends.

Men who are overweight are not fit for the job.

The most important part of the men’s sex change operation is the removal of the male genitalia and the creation of the female genitalia. There are two basic principles to doing this:

The action of the female genitalia in an acceptable appearance.

Have a natural and usable vagina.

Forced surgery to change gender
Remove both testicles

Breast insertion

Creating a vagina

Penis Removal

Creating Clitoris

Creating small and large lips similar to the penis called the labioplasty.

Optional surgeries to change gender

Nasal plastic surgery

Raise your lips

Raising eyebrows

Shrink thyroid cartilage

Reduce chin size

To make the species more prominent

Shrink jaw bone

A woman’s hormone, or estrogen, has been prescribed for the past year to change the sex of a man.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long does a sex change surgery take?
The sex-change operation of the sex may take 2 hours and its intestinal type may take 4 hours. Of course, this is normal for ladies trance. Sometimes it may take longer. If the patient undergoes intestinal surgery, he or she must be hospitalized for 4 days. Otherwise he will be admitted one day.

What are the beautiful acts done on these people?

Actions such as the act of salvation of the cheek, nose and an important operation on the neck. Men have a lump on their throat that is not commonly found in women. Doctors are cutting this bump with surgery. Another is laser hair removal. Sometimes the vocal cords also need surgery, which is done in hospitals.

At what age can people apply for sex change?

It is usually possible to have surgery when you are 18 years of age. But at any age, however, psychological counseling and pre-operative sex counseling are essential.

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