Sex with a spouse after childbirth

Know before you do your first sexual intercourse

Sex with a spouse after childbirth

Plan ahead

For postpartum sex, it is important to plan. Make sure the baby is garlic and the diaper is fresh and dry. Sleep the baby and buy some time for yourself. Of course, the first relationship after 9 months of pregnancy should not be in a hurry. On the other hand, your spouse should be patient and listen to your words and go slowly.

Let’s be treated

Wound or itch should wait a few days to recover. Having a good sex with a good feeling also needs some time to heal and heal.

The first sex after delivery is pain

No one may have told you that the first sex after delivery is painful, and you may not feel as though thorns enter your body. You should not have the impression that after the first sexual intercourse, you will not suffer in the next relationship. This is a misconception, and it’s possible that you feel pain in your relationship even one year after childbirth.

Bleeding is not stopped

You definitely think in your first relationship that you have no bleeding and this is over, but it is not, and you will see a bleeding immediately after sex.

After two weeks, no obstacle

Who says that you have to wait at least 6 weeks to have sex after childbirth. It’s a mistake, and after two weeks you can do it.

Do not listen to old words

Some older women believe that breastfeeding mothers are not pregnant at all, while this belief is wrong, and so you should use contraceptive precautions.

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