Study of vaginal changes during women’s life

Vaginal changes in the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s of life

If you are not looking at women who are always looking for their feet, you may not realize that your vagina is worn like other parts of your body.

Study of vaginal changes during women's life
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Vaginal age is not exactly the same as your birthday. According to Alyssa Dweck, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Medical School in Montana, New York, “Your body does not have a calendar change, but the genitals undoubtedly change over time. And knowing that the changes made are quite natural – especially for those who are upset by the changes – can be relaxing.

Of course, every woman – and each vagina – are different. Pregnancy or menopause varies from woman to woman, even between sisters. In the following, we list the changes you should take into account in general.

Vaginal changes in the 30’s life

The cause of vaginal dryness:
Women who use contraceptives during this decade (before or after) may face vaginal dryness, according to Dewey. Perhaps due to the use of these contraceptive pills, ovulation is stopped, which may be The natural vaginal lubrication limits around the amount of time each month.

“Stephanie S. Faubion, director of the Women’s Health Office at the Mayo Clinic and author of the Menopause Solutions in Mayo, says” Another reason for this is a complex and somewhat controversial cause, according to Dr. Stephanie S. Faubion. We think some women with overweight suffer from overweight, due to the fact that these pills block the male sex hormones called androgen androgen, which is the receptor of this androgen, and because it does not receive Suffering from dryness. It is unclear why some women feel these effects and others do not feel. ”

Vaginal changes in the 30’s life

The cause of vaginal dryness:
Women who use contraceptives during this decade (before or after) may face vaginal dryness, according to Dewey. Perhaps due to the use of these contraceptive pills, ovulation is stopped, which may be The natural vaginal lubrication limits around the amount of time each month.

Of course, some women may have decided to increase the population of the planet during this decade. Obviously, pregnancy and baby birth have a major impact on vagina and vagina, but some of these changes make life miracles a little more surprising. According to Dewick Dweck, for example, some women face vein veins in the lower trunk with weight of the uterus during pregnancy. These blood vessels are more common in late pregnancy and right after childbirth. Also, pregnancy hormones may change your color, so do not worry about darkening your limbs as it returns to normal after delivery.

Fortunately, the vagina is a very flexible organ, due to its elastic nature and high blood flow, it returns to normal after a period of childbirth. According to Dewey, after all these years, this is still awesome.

However, neuromuscular and muscular injuries may be caused by the amount of force applied to the pelvic floor muscle during pregnancy and labor. According to Fabian, some physical therapists argue that we all need a little education after the baby’s birth to restore the condition of the pelvis to its desirable condition. For some women, pelvic floor exercises can help prevent urinary incontinence and sexual problems.

The vagina is a very flexible organ, due to the nature it returns to normal after delivery.

Vaginal changes in the 40’s life

According to Dewey, if you’ve always had hair in your genital area, you will experience a change in skin pigmentation due to waxing or modification during this period. The lower part hair may start to thin in this decade, which is probably a natural result of getting older or decreasing estrogen.

This estrogen reduction signal is probably indicative of an approach to menopause in this decade. In most menopausal women, it’s about 50 to 52 years old that begins to notice you when you begin to dry or change your elasticity.

Vaginal changes in the 50’s life

According to Fabunon, menopause brings the most noticeable changes to the vagina and vein. It is not necessary to mention that women in this period need more medical attention. Reducing estrogen leads to thinning, less elasticity and drying of the vaginal tissue, which can cause sexual feelings such as stretching the vagina to cause irritation and a sense of need for urinary excretion.

According to Fabioon, recently some medical experts are trying to create a campaign for these changes as a genitourinary genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM). The name of this problem has changed with the vaginal atrophy of the vaginal atrophy, but it does not seem to suggest that this is not a syndrome but you have to take into account the fact that these vaginal, urethral and urinary problems are regularly associated with menopause. We should remind women that health counselors provide ways to prevent these symptoms, which is much better than treatment.

If you check with your mirror, you may notice some obvious changes in your condition, such as loss of fat and collagen, which is due to a decrease in estrogen levels. This area is part of the body that needs to have wrinkles, but with the onset of menopause, the amount of wrinkles in the vagina decreases. Thinning and reducing the elasticity of the skin in all of this area gives you stretching.

When estrogen is lowered in your body, certain bacteria in your vagina will change your pH. When the vagina becomes more acidic, its vulnerability to infections will increase, but loss of elasticity can also be affected. Lowering the secretions will result in less mental health and increased inflexibility of infection.

When the vagina becomes more acidic, its vulnerability to infection will increase

Vaginal changes in the 60s of life

Hot flashes and sweats can last for several years, but they will eventually get better. Vaginal changes in menopause will only worsen. According to Fabio, about 50 to 60 percent of women report having vaginal dryness, and if you do not take a step to correct these problems, you may find yourself in a defective cycle. When post-menopausal sex is painful for women, inhaled reactions occur and, because of the painful experience of your brain’s pain, it can create spasticity in your pelvic floor muscles and harass you. Believe it or not. Although many of us have to have pelvic muscle tightening, some women require physical treatments to soften the pelvic floor muscles.

If your problem is a slick area of ​​the area, although some women are prolapsed after menopause by serious changes called prolapse, which is associated with changes in the connective tissue of the womb, cervix, or even abdominal relaxation without realizing it. This loosening may sometimes be so severe that it will evacuate the vagina and require surgery to resolve the problem.

What should I do with vaginal changes?

At any age, if any of these changes make you worrisome or physically distressing to you, do not be embarrassed to talk about them, and raise your problems regularly with a midwife or obstetrician. Fabian says women should be careful if you’re not comfortable with your doctor or counselor to replace someone else with whom you can easily share your problems. ”

If your discomfort is mild, you can have a good sense of sexual intercourse with your lobster. Avoid products that use seductive advertisements such as warming up or stimulation, as it may cause sensation and burn in the vagina. Remember that the oil based lubricant does not have a good relationship with the condom, and the silicone based lubricant will work better for this purpose.

You can also use the vaginal moisturizer. Fabian says, “You can use facial moisturizer for the vagina. These creams do not stick to the vaginal cells and keep water in them. Your body normally replaces cells every 2 to 3 days, so regular moisturizers should be used.

If these options are not working, a vaginal estrogen version might fix your problem. Your doctor will advise you to get the best out of your estrogen, pill or ring worm. Each has a lot of benefits for the vagina and vagina, and at low doses there are no dangers you have heard about hormonal treatment. This treatment not only improves vaginal discomfort but also significantly reduces the infection.

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