The Benefits of Marriage and Being Married Psychologically

Married men have a better day or single? Which one has a healthier brain and heart? Scientists in their studies have reached important conclusions on this subject, which you read in part.

The Benefits of Marriage and Being Married Psychologically

Marriage and heart health

Heart disease

Marriage is definitely an effective vaccine if it is not a protective shield against heart disease. Japanese doctors believe men who have never married are three times more likely to develop heart disease. Scientists in this study studied 3682 adult men and found that married men were healthier than other men in terms of risk factors such as body fat, blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol.

Scientists say stress in marital life is a major cause of heart disease in men and believe it is several times greater than occupational stress. Coronary artery disease, hypertension, and heart failure are most common in high-stress, stressful lives, but a successful marriage can improve a man’s health and, of course, his heart.

In another study conducted at New York University’s Lagone Medical Center, researchers found that married men and women had five percent less heart disease.

In another study at Michigan State University, scientists concluded that promoting health in men is only successful in life, meaning that the quality of one’s life improves men’s heart health. Otherwise single men have a better day than these men.

Marriage and cancer

There is little evidence to suggest that marriage reduces the risk of cancer. However, scientists believe that marriage can change the course of treatment. In one study, the scientists concluded that recovery and survival were higher in married patients than in men who lost their partner at that stage, but in another study that Miami University scientists found in one study. The 17-year study performed on 143,063 men with prostate cancer, concluding that married men 69 months were more likely to survive and survive.

Men separated from their husbands live 30 months longer and single men live about 48 months longer.

Researchers at Harvard and Ucla in bladder cancer have also found that married men are 69 months more likely to survive.

Mental health

It is true that a failed marriage and a married life full of ups and downs and strife can push men to the limit of insanity; After studying hundreds of married men, she concluded that married people had fewer symptoms of depression.
She believes that marriage enhances a man’s social support and that he has a better emotional and financial sense of self-esteem and self-esteem.

Simone believes that single men who are friendly and never feel lonely are also better off in mental health. It is far more likely to get mental illness.

Lifetime and marriage

Having a family and children helps men live longer lives than their single counterparts. One study has shown that married men commit suicide less than single men, and they tend to live longer.

Researchers have found that married men are more concerned about their health, health, check-ups, and drugs because of the responsibilities they feel. Researchers believe that married men after surgery have a much faster recovery process than single men. Many believe that this is due to having a 24-hour nurse named Spouse, but researchers believe the patient is more mentally prepared for surgery after seeing his wife and children with him every day after surgery. .

Family disputes and divorce

A good marriage can improve a person’s health, but marital differences can have irreparable consequences for men and, of course, women. A MRFIT study of 10,904 married men found that men who came out of a stressful life and divorced were 37% more likely to survive than men who remained in these marriages. They last a lifetime. Similarly, a study of 10,000 public servants with strained relationships in the UK found they were 34 percent more at risk for heart attacks and angina and even suicide.

So in this case, single men living in silence are better off. Single men who do not even have sex with someone who lives in silence and peace of mind suffer from heart problems but not as much as married men or employees working in stressful environments.

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