The positive effects of hugging a spouse

Impact hug and hug wife

It has been proven that hugging and getting hands reduces the effects of stress. Hot calls and hugging and getting hands before a hard day can protect you throughout the day.

The positive effects of hugging a spouse

Perhaps, after years of your marriage, you have forgotten to embrace each other like every other day. You might think that when you do not have it or do not stop the children, drop your spouse’s neck around your neck. But the fact is that hugging a spouse is an advanced communication skill and a completely romantic gift.

The best way to ensure your success and ability to love and love your spouse. The hug carries with itself the feeling of security and sincerity and, on the other hand, is a non-sexual and affectionate behavior that you can have for the children. You just have to hug and talk to your family members. Always try to hug your wife in the morning before getting up, the night before bedtime and when you arrive home during the day.

If you are still looking for the cause, you should know that the researchers say that when the couple hugging each other for 20 seconds, the level of oxytocin in their body increases and cortisol, which is a stress hormone, goes down. So do not give up and give a hug to your spouse.


Harmful effects:

Hugging will definitely give you a great feeling, and evidence suggests that it has a great impact on our health. In a study conducted at the University of North Carolina, researchers found that hugging the hormone increases oxytocin and reduces the risk of heart disease.

In fact, when couples hug each other for 20 seconds, the level of oxytocin in their body, which is released during childbirth and lactation, rises. People who are in love relationships have the highest increases in oxytocin.

Meanwhile, the level of stress hormone, cortisol, also decreased in women with hypertension. “The more emotional support, the greater the oxytocin levels in both male and female, Dr. Karen Guron, a researcher in the study, said. But the importance of oxytocin and its protective effects against heart disease can be greater for women. ”

Dr. Karmin Griffith, spokeswoman for the British Heart Foundation, says, “Scientists are keen on this issue, showing that positive emotions can be beneficial for health. This research shows that emotional support, for example, in the form of romantic hugs can have a positive effect on heart health. ”

In fact, in another study, which was done by Dr. Guron, it has been proven that hugging and getting hands reduces the effects of stress. The two couples asked to talk about a distressing subject, but a group had already held hands together and hugged each other, while the other group did not do it. The study found that:

– Increased blood pressure in a group that did not have any contact with each other was higher than the group that hugged each other.

– The heart rate in the group that did not have a call was 10 beats per minute, while for the other group it was 5 beats per minute.

Dr. Guron suggests that warm contact and hugging and getting hands before a hard day can protect you throughout the day.

Human beings are social beings, as has been shown in various studies that those who are friends in their lives, as well as those who are married, are healthier.

We need social communication, and these involve touching, even beyond the capacity of a couple. For example, consider the fact that babies use direct skin contact with their mothers and grow better.

An example was a Korean study conducted on nursing babies. Of the infants who had heard more women’s voice 5 days a week for 4 weeks, they had massage and direct eye contact, they added weight and height after four weeks and at the age of 6 months, and the formation of their heads It would be better for those who did not have this extra stimulus.

Evidence has shown that thermal contact reduces stress and pain in adults and reduces symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease such as restlessness, aging, stroke, and the like.

It’s time to hug the rest

Research shows that American couples are unwilling to hug in public assemblies. According to Parisian couples, three times more than American couples spend time hugging them.

Hugging in marriage has the benefits that you probably never thought of.


hugging …

– Feels good to you.

– Eliminates loneliness.

– Overcoming fear.

– The valve opens your feelings.

– Raises confidence.

– It strengthens your friendship.

– Slows down the aging process.

– Loses appetite.

– Stress and stress relieve stress.

– Fights with insomnia.

– The muscles of the arms and shoulders are shaped.

– If your height is short, it is a tensile training.

– It is a great alternative to unplugging.

– A safe and safe substitute for alcohol and tobacco.

– Your physical existence is confirmed.

– Democratic (everyone has the right to embrace).


Benefits of hugging more

– Ecologically good (does not ruin the environment)

– It is very good for energy saving (it keeps the heat)

– portable.

– Does not require any special tools.

– No specific place (it’s a good place to hug anywhere)

Happy days make it happier.

– Fills the empty spaces of life.

– Even after getting out of hug, it still makes good use.

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