“Transgender” from male to female and vice versa

"Transgender" from male to female and vice versa

What is Transgender?

Sex reassignment surgery, referred to as SRS, is a surgical procedure that physicians do to change the physical sex of volunteers. Persons who change the sex of a man to a woman acquire a female genital organ, such as a vagina and a vagina. Metodyoplasty is also one of the methods of penile surgery for female transplantation.

Sometimes the doctor makes a woman’s penis for her sexually transmitted male / female conversion using a part of the narrow gut. It lasts five to six hours, and after six weeks the patient will recover painfully. It is necessary to complete more than 20 surgical procedures in a few years to complete the process.

Transsexuals, are not homosexuals. Transsexuals, unlike homosexuals, suffer from separation of body and soul and believe that their bodies do not belong to their souls. They face mistreatment in the family and society, which increases their psychological stress and increases the number of cases of surgery.

Female gender transplant surgery

After the Trans-Caucus has gone through counseling sessions and has undergone at least one year of hormone therapy and is still stuck in its decision, it can carry out the necessary surgical procedures. The patient should be reminded that the surgery is irreversible and the patient can no longer physically return to the actual sex.

Surgical procedures for Transculturalism should follow the standards. There is the International Association for Transgender Health (PATH), which has transposed the laws and care required by transcendentalists.

In women who want to change sex to a male gender, the sequence of surgery is usually as follows, but depending on the surgeon’s experience and the patient’s need, the following sequence can be changed:

The first step is to change the sex of a woman to a man removing the breasts. Breast removal is done in two ways: the first method involves removing the two breasts with the restoration of the nipple and the surrounding halo. In the second method, the breasts are removed from the skin, which is referred to as subcutaneous breast removal. The second method is suitable for people with small breasts.

The second stage is the removal of the uterus, cervix, uterine tubes and ovaries.

The third step is to remove the vagina. In women who want to change their sex, two types of penis can be created. In the first method, using a transplantation of the muscles and forearm bones, the penis is formed, and in the second method, the female clitoris becomes a male penis.

If the first method is used to create the penis, the entire vagina should be removed and the second method should be removed from the vagina. The vaginal tissue is removed to make the urethra.

In the fourth stage, the male penis is created. Usually, the usual method is to use the clitoris itself, since clitoris has an erection and sensation. First, the clitoris is released, and then a small penis is created using the small penis of the woman.

This is a rare complication, with the benefit of having an erection in the clitoris, but it may not be possible to do that with close proximity. The size of the penis that is created by this method is 10-4 cm.

The fifth step is to extend the urinary tract and bring it to the tip of the penis so that the patient can have a male urine. Transgender

However, it should be noted that despite this prolongation of the urethra, the patient may not be able to urinate again. At this stage, a catheter is placed inside the bladder to empty the urine and a natural urinary tract can be restored. After the creation and repair of the urinary tract, the bladder catheter is removed.

In the sixth stage, a testicular bag is created. For this, inside the large lobe is empty and inside the testicles are prosthesis. You should remember that each of the above steps has its own complications, and it may be necessary for the patient to be admitted and undergo a surgical procedure.

Transplantation surgery is a very complicated and potentially complicated event and should not be considered simple. The above surgery is a must-have for a woman to have a female gender transplant, but there are additional surgeries that are selective or optional and give the woman more male appearance. These optional procedures include:

Nasal plastic surgery for nose masked appearance
Planting cheek and jaw to create a masculine face
Male breast implant surgery
Women have a wide hip. Liposuction of the pelvis and thighs can be used to create a male pelvis. Transgender

Male to female transplant surgery

Men can do gender reassignment if they meet the following requirements:
Psychologically have a Gender Identity Disorder. Diagnosis of this mental disorder has its own diagnostic criteria.
The patient will remain in his decision after having been diagnosed for at least 2 years.
Live at least one year in the form of an opposite sex in society to determine what the community, friends and family are and how can the patient respond to the above.
Enough support from family and friends. Therefore, the individual whose family is against her sex change is not appropriate for this.

he patient must be able to demonstrate at least one year of his ability to live in the opposite sex. Transgender…
Men who are overweight and obese are not fit for gender change.
The patient needs to be realistic and know what progress she will achieve and what the benefits are.


The most important part is removing the male reproductive system and creating a female reproductive system. In the operation of sex-shift surgery from male to female, two basic principles are:
Creating an acceptable female reproductive system
Create a natural vagina applicable

The following surgical procedures are required for the sex change from male to female. The procedure for performing surgical procedures can be changed and the surgeon can make changes depending on his experience and the patient’s need:
Breast Creation
Removing both testicles
Removal of the penis
Creating a vagina
Creating a Clitoris
The creation of a small and large lobe, similar to the female penis, called lobib plaques

There are several methods to perform each of these surgeries, for example, you can use the intestines to make the vagina, and you die from your penis. In addition to the above two methods, there are several other methods. The most important principle is that the surgeon has a great deal of satisfaction with his method, along with the patient’s expectations and anatomy of his body.


Performing some of the surgeries for a particular anatomy from the position is very successful. Because these extraordinary surgeries are super-specialized, further explanation only makes the reader feel tired. The stereotypes that are created for the man must surely feel. Penile warhead is used to create clitoris.

The following surgical procedures are optional and are performed at the patient’s request. Most importantly, there is a change in the face that causes the shape and shape of the mask to be reduced and destroyed. The following surgical procedures are performed on the face to create a woman’s face:
Nasal plastic surgery
Lift up eyebrows
Sharpen the jaw bone
Reduce chin size
Emphasize or magnify species
Lift up lips
Shrink the thyroid cartilage

In the male-female sex change, a female hormone, the same as estrogen, starts one year ago, which also helps to create a woman’s appearance. The effects of administering the hormone in the male are as follows:
Breast enlargement
Erection erection
Shrinking the testicles
Reducing welds
Reducing facial and body hair
Reduce muscle mass and muscle strength
Softer and smooth skin
Changes in body fat distribution, from the abdomen to the pelvis, thighs and grooves, are displaced, and the pelvis spreads like women.

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