Treatment for sexual dysfunction

Know your sexual dysfunction

Although sex can help move and live, and even survive, it alone can not guarantee the survival of your relationship, but what exactly are sexual problems? What is sexual dysfunction? And what should they do to them?

Treatment for sexual dysfunction

Sex in common life is like fuel for car movement; it is impossible to move a car until fuel is available, but it should be noted that fuel is not enough to move. Although sex can help move and live, and even survive, it alone can not guarantee the survival of your relationship, but what exactly are sexual problems? What is sexual dysfunction? And what should they do to them?

The first step is to know how much information you have about sex. In the second step, know the sexual problems. Remember that sexual problems and sexual dysfunction are two separate categories. Sexual problems are milder than sexual disorders. In the third step, just as you accept a cold, you may also have problems with your sexual dysfunction and seek treatment.


What are the sexual problems?

The lack of sexual satisfaction can not be easily categorized as sexual dysfunction. Most spouses who refer to sexual clinics for guidance are not satisfied with their sexual relations. A group of these spouses complain of not having fun. Various factors can cause sexual problems. Problems in the relationship between the spouses in general (for example, a permanent litigation) and the loss of the attractiveness of the spouses for each other and the fatigue of constant sexual activity (in terms of the form and the status of sexual relations); therefore, if there is a problem in sexual satisfaction, the problem is Sexuality is not a disorder.

He may show his sexual problems as depression, insomnia, or complaints about women’s medicine and infertility. The sexual problem needs to enrich the relationship of the spouses. If the relationship between the spouses and the mental status of each one improves, sexual problems usually disappear.


Sexual Dysfunction in Women

Sexual dysfunction is a problem in the various stages of sex that requires psychotherapy. Each sex is composed of several stages that initiate it and cause it to quench its excitation. There is a problem at any stage, a disruption occurs. First, let’s know women’s disorders:


1. Disturbance of lack of interest and desire for sex

In this disorder, the person usually has no interest in sexual intercourse and reluctantly responds to this problem.


2. Orgasmic Disorders

In this disorder, the woman may be very irritated, but not orgasm or orgasm.


3. Disorders of inhibition and non-sexual stimulation

In this disorder, the person has trouble provoking and responding sexually. The reasons for this are guilty feelings of hostility, an inner conflict between desire for sexual activity and unconscious fear, anxiety due to lack of sexual knowledge or unreal expectations. Sexual intercourse, negative parenting messages about sexual activity, having unpleasant sexual experiences, using drugs and diseases that affect the function of testosterone and pituitary.


4. Vaginal disorder

Spasticity is the external genital muscle itself and its uncontrolled contraction that makes sex impossible.


1- Male Orgasm Disorder

Men who do not reach an orgasm or so-called ejaculation suffer from this disorder. This disorder can be permanent, that is, from the first sex until now, it is acquired or acquired, that is, from time to time, while the disorder can be a situation – only in certain cases of sexual or inclusive, that is, in all relations Be sexual. The disease can be severe or moderate.


Early ejaculation disorder

Repeated ejaculation with sexual stimulation, at least before or immediately after sexual activity. This disorder can deprive the other party or woman from reaching orgasm.


3. Erectile dysfunction

Malfunctioning in the onset or continued vagina in the man, persistent or repeated disability in the onset or endurance of the erection until sexual activity completes. This disorder, like previous disorders, can be permanent or acquired.



How to treat sexual dysfunctions?

There are many treatments available for sexual dysfunction, but before that, you need to go to a specialist. As long as you solve these problems, you will get worse.



1- Non-sexual stimulation treatment

In general, compared with men, the sexual response cycle in women is slower, and this suggests that women need more mental and sexual stimulation to create an effective and satisfying sexual relationship. Hence, it can be said that in many cases, men can prepare women more psychologically and emotionally by refraining from having more and less insistence on their quick start and penetration, and with favorable outcomes and full emotional coordination. Between each other, they can provide the opportunity to reach the orgasm for their spouse.


2- No orgasm treatment

In women with orgasm, it can be used in addition to other therapies. These methods help the patient to learn how to enjoy sexual feelings in a state of affection. Of course this should be done by training a clinical psychologist.

3- Treatment of vaginism

To treat vaginal disorder, you must first learn how to relieve tension and anxiety associated with sexual intercourse and reduce muscle contractions when practicing stress or relaxation during sexual stimulation. At the same time as exercising, the patient is encouraged to study more about his genital organs and obtain accurate and accurate information. Then a series of gradual stages of the training begins under expert supervision. It should be remembered that husband’s and husband’s senses in different stages of treatment play an important role in its success. Visual de-sensitization can also be used for treatment.

In this way the therapist with a gradual scene of diverse sexual intercourse (who previously collaborated with the patient and therapist to be fully prepared in terms of stimulating and anxiety of being graded) reactions anxious patient relative to sex Eliminates


4. Treatment of sexual anxiety

One of the most common treatments for sex reluctance is to provide sexual stimulation. Fantasy education is one of the treatments for sexual distress. Adjusting the timing of sexual intercourse will also be a great help.


5- Early and late ejaculation treatment

In the early ejaculation of behavioral techniques and in late ejaculation, sexual focus is used; in this case, the wife plays an important role. It must also work on reducing anxiety and increasing individual beliefs.


6. Therapeutic techniques for erectile dysfunction

In the treatment of sexual dysfunction, these methods are used: to prevent attempts to enter, to concentrate sensation and to obtain sexual pleasure without the purpose of entering, changing the state of sex.


7- Treatment of male and female sexual dysfunction

Psychologists tend to enrich the relationships of the spouses when the two sides are unwilling or even hated.

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