What are the benefits of kissing children?

kissing children, Kissing helps a child to be exposed to a positive experience of love

For a mother kissing her baby is the most natural way to express interest. No one teaches a mother or wants to kiss her child. In fact, kissing a baby is the most expected action that a mother can see. Mothers kiss their children because they love them, and this kiss affects the mother and child emotionally. But did you know that long-term kissing also has its benefits?

What are the benefits of kissing children?

1- Kissing helps your child build safety:

When kissing your newborn baby, remove pathogens that may have grown on the baby’s skin. The pathogens go to the secondary lymph nodes, such as the tonsils, where B memory cells that are specific to these pathogens are stimulated. A breastfeeding mother can use these B cells to produce antibodies against the pathogens, then pass them on to the baby through the mother’s milk to fight the pathogens. So kissing a mother can boost her child’s immune system.


2. Kissing Your Child Increases His IQ Level:

Two things should never be overlooked, when the baby is crying and when he or she wants to be noticed. While some adults believe that the child should be allowed to continue crying because they are emotionally strong and independent, they do not know what harm they can do to the child.


Research in 1950 and other recent research at the University of Portsmouth, England proved this. They performed this experiment on chimpanzees. In this experiment, chimpanzees were deprived of attachment, and it was found that the intellectual maturity of these chimpanzees was lower than those of maternal affection.

In another study by the Washington Medical School, brain photographs showed that maternal love is involved in the morphology of the child’s brain. The brain’s learning and memory center, also associated with stress response, is called the hippocampus. The hippocampus is 10% larger in well-nourished children than in untreated children.


Your child’s brain is not a hard wire, and it is very flexible. So the space in which it grows can affect and shape its mind.
In her book, Why Giving Love Matters, Sue Gerhard explains how loving a child affects her growth. He believes that:


Loving a child and showing them by touch or by responding to their signals helps his brain grow without getting involved in stress.
When you love this little man, you feel safe, such a situation allows the brain to grow in many ways.
Your child can respond strongly to stress.

Help your child store more information in his or her cerebral cortex, as well as adapt it to social relationships.
Kissing helps a child to be exposed to a positive experience of love.


Love and kissing help develop more neural connections in the baby’s brain, which in turn makes him / her smarter.



3. Your child learns empathy

Expressing interest in the child by kissing, touching or hugging can help the child have a special personality. This not only improves the child’s physical health but also affects his or her mental health. Many well-educated children are sensitive to the needs of others, treat other children well, build a successful relationship, and receive more educational success than children whose mothers have not paid much attention to. kissing children. The benefits of this importance continue as the child grows up, when it is their turn to raise their child, and can transfer the empathy they have learned and the ability to understand others to their children.


Now you realize that kissing a child has other benefits besides expressing affection and interest that you may not have known about. kissing children, So go to her now and kiss her.

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