What makes a woman attractive to a man

What makes a woman attractive to men

What are the most attractive women clothes for men?
The type of clothes that men like to their wife is different from that of their favorite women, from the ground up to the sky.

What makes a woman attractive to a man

Recent research has shown that when men wear skirts, shirts and high heels, men feel indifferent to tonics and pants and jewelry.



More than 75% of men believe that women should wear more than any other item in clothing, skirts and shirts, and their skirts should not be too short, and if they have chuck, they should be on both sides.



But they really want their husbands to wear, not the men’s trousers and brigades. But when women wear trousers and high heels, they like it very much.



100 percent of men love women in shirts. Because the shirt for women of any age has a female zeal. Short-haired black shirts are the best choice. Only 25% of men like Maxi Shirts.


I know it looks a bit strange, but few men like tonics. Most people think that the tonic is loose and does not show the beauty of a woman well.

Color of the dress:

Men prefer monochrome fabrics. Various colors and colors do not allow them to focus on women.



65 percent of men would like their lady to wear high heels, and only 20 percent said that sneakers or heels are not the same.


If you use a small amount of jewelry, your husband likes it, but they do not want to know what gender is and how worth it.


What attracts a man to a woman?

When we ask a man what attracts him to a woman, that’s not what women expect. Men do not expect their women to be like women and mannequins of magazines. Women do not need such a lot of expenses and ongoing efforts to attract them. With a little effort, you can look like the woman you’re looking for.


Long hair – One of the most important men’s criteria for the beauty and attractiveness of women is having long hair. Of course, you do not need to raise your hair to your waist, if you have a long hair, it’s more attractive. If you do not like long hair and it’s hard for you to keep it, you can shorten your hair so that it looks taller.


A dress like a lady! – To complete the above option, wearing high heels, you should choose a skirt or shirt. Men like women to dress like a woman; they do not consider suit, pants, or pants to be very attractive.


Smile – Amazingly, a simple smile has an extraordinary effect on men. Many women make mistakes and they like to always look serious. Try to always have a small smile on your lips, we humans are always attracted to those who are good-tempered and open-minded.

One of the most important prerequisites for beauty in women is physical health, because if she does not have a physical problem and cares about her health, her body color and energyiness will always make her more appealing. Compliance with a healthy diet, along with regular exercise, guarantees his health and well-being. In addition, it prevents overweight and obesity in their limbs.


Inner beauty

The superiority of the inner beauty and behavior of a woman is important to him as much as his apparent zeal. Of course, the subject of internal criteria is itself a deeply deep category, in which we mention only a few of the most important ones:


Kindness and compassion in women make them glorious and respectful. The truth is that most men are attracted to the kindness, humility, and high-mindedness of a woman, and these women always have a special place of value in their minds. In a respectable lady, chastity and nobility in his words and behavior.


For most women, it is unbelievable that, psychologically, every man, regardless of the apparent attraction, tends towards him, is emotional. Every man loves to satisfy his calm and emotional needs in the shadow of his love and affection. They love traits such as flexibility, forgiveness and humility in women, and the fact is that most men can not easily escape the inner charm of a kind and emotional lady along with the above-mentioned traits.


Another attractive qualities of a woman are optimism, an attractive woman, despite all the above characteristics, even the apparent attractiveness, if she looks at pessimistic and negative points of view, will lose all her values ​​to others gradually. . An optimistic woman, with confidence in her husband, is considered to be a solid support for her.


Beauty to God

Spiritual relationship and proximity to God is the most important backing for the stability of charm in women. Because the apparent beauty disappears over time, and the inner beauty itself is created by being faithful and close to God, his vision of God and his spiritual and spiritual conditions are at the head of beauty and attraction.

woman attractive

God has put many spiritual values ​​in women. So do not let your heart, your sensation and emotion with the beauty of the appearance, the hair of your hair and hang decorations …. The spiritual beauties are immortal and are always of great value to God. Of course, this does not mean that a woman does not have the right to speak and comment, and should always be silent! Instead, he can always grow calm and peace in the family while avoiding the sense of violence, controversy and acts of patience. Anger and aggression in some women have negative attributes that impede the attraction of any man to them.

Some women are also barred from attracting men with a sense of advocacy of women’s rights, they believe women do not need any men’s abilities and their presence and they can handle all life on their own. Of course, the insistence on proving this in some women is totally contrary to the spiritual values ​​and lies hidden by God in them.


If these women can understand the supremacy and preconditions of man’s existence in life, and appreciate his worth and his support in life, both of them can complement each other in life and provide a guarantee of happiness. Perhaps it is hard for women to believe, but the truth is that the spiritual and spiritual beauty of God and others is the most important factor in the attractiveness of a woman.


One of the attributes of praiseworthy God is the kindness and patience of a woman in common life, some see this as a sign of weakness in women, while God in holy books (Quran, Gospel, …) has always been obedient to women His wife has emphasized that such a woman has a special value to God. Remember, this does not mean that a woman does not have any role in the family and does not express opinions about the issues; the fact is that every wise man knows the magnitude of such a wife and loves him. The fruit of this good morals will over time point to the heart of the family and its stability. Submissiveness to the spouse is not only a sign of weakness but a sign of self-esteem and superiority to any kind of violence, and most importantly, to obey God’s commands.

woman attractive

God is a worthy attribute to God. If a woman places God’s attention and obeys God’s commandments, she’s dear to God. How beautiful it is that, every day, he increases his spiritual and spiritual values ​​in a close and intimate relationship with God. The apparent attraction in women is enticing, and a woman who has a strong and close relationship with her god is always praised and unconsciously attracted by others.


Unfortunately, today in most societies, they only care about the beautiful and attractive appearance, while all these beauties are empty and hollow values ​​without spiritual beauty and proximity to God. So come on and on, fostering a sense of proximity to your God and evolving spiritual and moral values, always be beautiful before you and yourselves.

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